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Survival Kits

Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak

Contains a collection of survival tools for when you find yourself abandoned

£34.95 View Product

Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit

ES-CSK Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit - choice of colours.

£54.95 View Product

Echo-Sigma Emergency Get Home Bag

ES-GHB-BK Echo-Sigma Emergency Get Home Bag - black.

£299.95 View Product

eGear Ready Kit 100

Designed to keep you safe & get you found

£19.95 View Product

ESEE Kit Container Tin

ESEE Kit Container Tin to store your survival essentials.

£4.95 View Product

ESEE Pocket Survival Kit

ESEE Mini Pocket Survival Kit with a range of outdoor essentials.

£34.95 View Product

ESEE Survival Cards

ESEE Survival Card Set with a range of useful information.

£12.95 View Product

Lansky P.R.E.P Kit

Lansky P.R.E.P (Preparedness, Resource, Equipment, Pack) with a range of tools and items for emergency and survival applications.

£159.95 View Product

Schrade Survival Kit

Schrade Survival Kit in a black waterproof case SCSK1.

£4.95 View Product

SOL Origin Survival Kit

Collection of tools you need to survive

£59.95 View Product

SOL Scout Survival Kit

The Scout has you covered on all fronts

£34.95 View Product

SOL Emergency Shelter Kit

Ultra light emergency shelter kit.

£24.95 View Product

UST 5-in-1 Survival Tool

Five essential survival tools in one pocket sized case.

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UST B.A.S.E 1.0 Aluminium Capsule in Orange

UST B.A.S.E 1.0 aluminium screw-top storage case in orange.

£5.95 View Product

UST B.A.S.E Kit 1.0 in Orange

UST B.A.S.E 1.0 standard kit in orange.

£18.95 View Product