Maxpedition Travel Tray

Maxpedition Travel Tray
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The Maxpedition Travel Tray (1805) is a folding organiser for small valuables that could easily be lost when traveling. Prevent your keys, glasses, mobile phone, wallet or other belongings from being lost or left in a hotel room ever again!

The tray is lightweight and innovatively designed so that when not in use, it lies flat, making it easy to pack into luggage. To use, engage the corner snaps to create an open tray shape.


  • Overall flat size: 12.5" x 11"
  • Folding Option 1: Engage the 4 sets of adjacent snaps to form tray
  • Folding Option 2: Mate the pair of snaps on long edges to form taco
  • Snap-up edges give shape to tray to keep loose items from straying
  • Elastic retention webbing & slip pocket
  • Folding tray-style organizer for valuables
  • Keep key, phone, EDC essentials in centralized location
  • Keep glasses, watch, jewelery on bedside table
  • Keep gun parts from getting lost during cleaning
  • Lays flat when not in use; very easy to pack

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