Eagletac TX25C2

Eagletac TX25C2
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Eagletac TX25C2 :  Cree XM-L2 U4 Cool White (an upgrade of the U2 which had a max output 965 lumens) or Cree XM-L2 T6 Neutral White (outputs approx 7% lower than Cool)

Packing a lot of power into a very compact light, the TX25C2 makes a great high power EDC light that can easily fit into a pocket or belt with the provided holster.

Turbo boost technology is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 25% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode.

Brightness Levels (Regular Mode) :

**The figures below are for the Cool White XM-L2 U2 LED but our stock is the U4 version which will be an improvement on the figures below**

Turbo: 965 Lumens

High: 746 Lumens - 1.8 hour runtime

Mid: 440 Lumens - 3.3 hour runtime

Low: 85 Lumens - 21 hour runtime

Ultra Low: 7 Lumens - 150+ hour runtime

Neutral White brightness levels are approx 7% lower than the Cool White levels.

Includes: Holster, lanyard, spare o-ring & 2 x CR123 batteries.


  • LED: Cool White CREE XM-L2 U4 LED or Neutral White XM-L2 T6 LED
  • Beam Profile:
  • Center lux: 14,100 lux
  • Center spot angle: 6.9°
  • Spill light angle: 54
  • Reflector: Smooth aluminum reflector
  • Material: HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum
  • Waterproof: IPX-8 standard
  • Battery Type:
  • 2xCR123A, 2xRCR123A, or 1x18650 li-ion
  • 3xCR123A, or 3xRCR123A li-ion (with optional 3 cells extension body tube)
  • 4xCR123A, or 2x18650 li-ion ((with optional 4 cells extension body tube)

Output and Runtime

  • Regular Mode: 200 sec turbo plus three brightness modes Cool White
  • Neutral White is approx 7% less output lumens than Cool White


  • Basic - Turn on the light by press and release the on/off button switch (<0.4s). To turn off the light, press and release the switch again.
  • For momentary on, press and hold the button switch for immediate output.
  • Twist the head to select between three output levels. You can pre-select the desired output level before turning on the flashlight.
  • Instant Turbo output - at any output level, press and hold the flashlight for 100% output. Release the button to return to previous level.
  • Instant Strobe output - at any output level (or off), double press and hold the on/off button switch for strobe output. Release the button to return to previous level (or off).
  • To access auxiliary levels, starting at head tight position (1st level), loosen to 3rd level and then tighten the head within one second to enter auxiliary setting. Repeat to cycle through all settings. Turn off the light or loosen the head to quit.
  • (Programmable Features) Mode switching: To switch between tactical and regular mode, turn on the flashlight at 1st level, dial to 2nd level and then back to 1st level for ten times within five seconds.
  • (Programmable Features) Energy saving feature: Enabled by default, this feature reduces output by 25% (or 10% when disabled) after 200 seconds at turbo mode. To toggle this feature, turn on the flashlight at 3rd level, and dial to 2nd level and then back to 3rd level for ten times within five seconds.

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