Ansmann Battery Tester - Energy Check LCD

Ansmann Battery Tester - Energy Check LCD
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The Ansmann Battery Tester is an ideal station for testing a range of common batteries, including rechargeable, disposable, button top and coin cell batteries. The tester is lightweight, compact and easy to use as well as super fast.

It provides the energy content of the cell within 2-3 seconds in 10% increments and the voltage is specified in volts. The tester has a contact pin for ease of use, or the battery can simply be pressed to the space provided.

The station is suitable for:
Lithium button cells 3V: CR1025 / CR1216 / CR1220 / CR1616 / CR1620 / CR2016 / CR2025 / CR2032 / CR2320 / CR2430 / CR2450
Lithium photon batteries: CR2 / CR123A / CRV3 / CRP-2 / 2CR5
Alkaline button cells: LR43 / LR44 / LR45 / LR48 / LR54 / LR55 / LR59 / LR58 / LR60 / LR66
Zinc-air button cells: V675 / V13 / V312
Alkaline batteries: A23 (12V) / AAA / AA / C / D / 9V
NiCd-/NiMH cells: AAA / AA / C / D 


  • Ultra fast testing
  • Indicates the cell capacity in 10% steps
  • Indicates the battery voltage in V
  • Includes 9V battery

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