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Flashlight Accessories

StClaire Nano Oil

Ideal for use on torch threads and o-rings

£15.95 View Product

Nitecore NSH10 Snap Hook

Nitecore NSH10 Multi-use Titanium Snap Hook.

£13.95 View Product

Nitecore USB to UK Plug Adapter

USB to UK 3-Pin plug mains adapter. For MH series lights: MH1A, MH2A, MH1C, MH2C, MH10, MH12, MH20 MH25 and MH40.

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Nitecore BM02 Bike Mount

The Nitecore BM02 Bike Mount is suitable for fitting a wide range of LED torches to your bikes handle bars.

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Nitecore Silicon Grease SG7

Small pot of silicon grease. Suitable for threads & o-rings.

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Nitecore HB02 Head Band

Simple elastic fastening rings will hold any 25.4mm diameter flashlight.

£6.95 View Product

Nitecore NBM40 Battery Case

Nitecore NBM40 Portable Battery Magazine in Yellow, Black, Green and Pink.

£6.95 View Product

Nitecore TIP Clip

Nitecore TIP Clip for Keyring TIP Torches.

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Eagletac Flip Up Filter & Diffuser

Flip Up Red Filter & Flip Up Diffuser : ET33, ET39, ET47, ET62.

£8.95 View Product

Peter Jones Klick Fast Dock 08

Klick Fast "Screw To Fit" Dock 08.

£7.95 View Product

Fenix ALG-00 Quick Release Torch Mount

Fenix ALG-00 Quick Release Torch Rail Mount.

£22.95 View Product

Nitecore NBP68HD Battery Pack

Nitecore NBP68HD high performance, rechargeable, Li-ion battery pack.

£145.95 View Product

Fenix ALG-03 Helmet Headlamp Attachment

Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Attachment for Fenix HL55 and HL60R Models.

£5.95 View Product

Twofish Lockblocks Bicycle Mount

Fits most AA / CR123 size torches

£6.95 View Product

TEC Accessories Split Ring Kit #1

For use with TEC 3 Series Glow Fobs. Can hold Tritium Vile to replace standard GITD pellet.

£4.95 View Product

TEC Accessories Split Ring Kit #2

For use with TEC 3 Series Glow Fobs. Can hold Tritium Vile to replace standard GITD pellet.

£4.95 View Product

Scope Mount 25 x 25mm

25mm Scope Mount. Fits most rifle scopes.

£9.95 View Product

Armytek Nyogel 760G

Silica Thickened Synthetic Hydrocarbon Grease - 5 ml or 10 ml or 25 ml.

£6.95 View Product

McGizmo Pico Gate Clip 15mm

McGizmo 15mm Pico Gate Clip made from Stainless Steel.

£2.95 View Product

McGizmo Nano Gate Clip 20mm

The 20mm McGizmo Nano Gate Clip has a spring gate which keeps items secure.

£3.95 View Product

Scope Mount 25 x 30mm

Fits 30mm scopes

£9.95 View Product

Flashaholics Photon Keyring Torch

Button Cell LED torch. Maximum output 5 lumens.

£2.50 View Product

Fenix Torch Headband

Can hold one or two flashlights with 18-22mm diameter bodies. Includes waterproof battery magazine.

£19.95 View Product

Nitecore NTL10 Tactical Lanyard

Tactical lanyard

£4.95 View Product

Nitecore NTL20 Tactical Lanyard

NTL20 tactical lanyard

£5.95 View Product

Klarus TRS1 Remote Switch

Klarus TRS1 Dual Remote Switch for various Klarus torches.

£17.95 View Product

Nitecore PVD Crenulated 40mm Bezel

Suitable for: P15, P16, P25, SRT7, MH25, EA4, EA41, EC4, TM03 Chameleon Series

£22.95 View Product

Nitecore Micro USB Charging Cable

Nitecore Micro USB Charging Cable.

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