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Buck Cadet - Black Valox Handle, 3 Blades

Buck Cadet Knife 0303BKS-B with black valox handle & three blades.

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Buck Colleague -Mirror Polished Handle & Plain Blade

Buck Colleague mirror polished knife 0325SSS with 4.8cm plain edge blade & stainless handle.

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Buck Companion - Black Valox Handle, 2 Blades

Buck Companion knife 0309BKS-B with a black handle & two blades.

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Buck Deuce - Woodgrain Handle, 2 Blades

Deuce Pocket Knife 0375BRS with 2 blades & woodgrain handle.

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Buck Lancer - Black Valox Handle, 2 Blades

Buck Lancer Knife 0305BKS-B with Black Valox Handle & Two Blades.

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Buck Lancer - Rosewood Handle, 2 Blades

Buck Lancer Knife 0305RWS-B with Rosewood handle & Two blades.

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Buck Prince - Rosewood Handle & Plain Blade

Buck Prince Folding Penknife 0503RWS with Rosewood Handle.

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Buck Scholar - Mirror Polished, Stainless Handle, Plain Edge

Buck Scholar Knife 0326SSS with 1.88 inch Mirror Polished Plain Edge Blade & Stainless Handle.

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Buck Stockman - Rosewood Handle, 3 Blades

Buck Stockman 0301RWS-B with Rosewood Handle & Three Blades.

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Buck Toothpick - Woodgrain Handle, Plain Edge

Buck Toothpick knife 0385BRS with single plain edge blade and a woodgrain handle.

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